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Títol:     El ioga de Joan Mascaró i Fornés
Autor/es: Mut Garcia, Joan Miguel
Matèries en català: Ioga ; Psicologia--Filosofia ; Mascaró i Fornés, Joan 1897-1987
Matèries en anglès: Yoga ; Psychology and philosophy ; Mascaró i Fornés, Joan 1897-1987
Abstract | Nota:  [eng] In today's world any dimension of peace is linked to processes of change and individual, social and structural transformations which are implicit when we move from a non- violence culture to a culture of peace. After having researched in the culture of peace and non-violence, Joan Mascaro gives us the opportunity to deepen in the subject from a personalized and humanist perspective with ideas to approach a kind of pedagogy for hope. Mascaro´s contributions enable the implementation of the culture of peace as he is so influenced by novecentista ideas, sources of cultural renovation with pedagogical and educational vocation based on the intervention. It is from this stage that Mascaro increases the hope of living a better world inspired by education. This hope in education, together with his personal background and spiritual research, reinforces his beliefs in the fact that this change starts in oneself and the selfknowledge one has. Joan Mascaro has not a lot of bibliographical sources as he did not publish much although letters lectures and speeches on the radio can be studiedÇ Joan Mascaro wanted to move from the eastern sense into the oriental mind in a deep sense. Mascaro talks about spirituality as an expert in oriental culture as it is reflected on the depth of his words and the use of concepts from the oriental philosophy. Joan Mascaro´s works had pedagogical ideas despite his work did not propose explicitly a concept in education or pedagogy. His idea of education goes beyond academic horizons. According to Mascaro´s ideas, the education is based on human beings and inner consciousness. The spirituality which is Mascaró ´s fundamental pedagogical principle begins in oneself knowledge and the growth of his consciousness. The way a person is educated has to go through his inner being stage. Therefore nobody can be educated as each one is self-educated. Education and spirituality are personal experiences.
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