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Title:     A Cambodian prayer
Creator: Maha Ghosananda, 1929–2007
Catalan subject: Pregària Budisme ; Budisme Discursos ; Ecumenisme Congressos
English subject: Prayer Buddhism ; Buddhism Speeches, addresses, etc. ; Ecumenical movement Congresses
Abstract:  Ven. Maha Ghosananda is one of the few surviving Theravadan Buddhist monks from Cambodia. In 1980 he was invited to the United Nations to represent the nation of the Khmers in exile, as well as to gain support for the Cambodian peace movement and to teach Buddhism. In his U.N work he travels throughout the United States and Europe, to reach Cambodian refugee communities. He was trained in his native Cambodia to become a disciple of the internationally acclaimed Japanese monk Nichidatsu Fujii (who was 99 years old), founder of the Nihonzan Myohoji sect devoted to the. establishment of world peace. After 15 years in India at Fujii Ashram in Rajgir, Maha Ghosananda traveled to Buddhist centers throughout Southeast Asia and Ceylon. He was in Thailand during the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia in which most of his Buddhist colleagues were killed. Meeting the first influx of refugees, he distributed 40,000 leaflets on the Buddha's discourse of the power of metta (loving kindness), helped establish schools and temples in the camps, and became a major figure for the refugees as well as the international community. There is a steady flow of visitors to his temple in Providence, RI, An accomplished linguist, he speaks.Cambodian, Thai, French, and English. Last December he met with Pope John Paul II in Rome, to discuss the plight of the many thousands of Cambodian refugees stranded in Thailand. He recently left for a peace mission to Thailand and possibly Cambodia, with hopes that the Pope would also visit the refugee camps in Thailand this spring
Source:  Primary Point 1984, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 3
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