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Title:     Soen Sa Nim goes to China
Creator: Lynch, Diana
Catalan subject: Budisme ; Xina Religió ; Seung Sahn Haeng Won Sunim, Mestre Zen, 1927-2004 (Duk-In Lee) Anècdotes
English subject: Buddhism China ; Seung Sahn Haeng Won Sunim, Zen Master, 1927-2004 (Duk-In Lee) Anecdotes
Abstract:  In September Zen Master Seung Sahn became the first Korean Buddhist monk to go into China since the Communist takeover. South-Korea has had no diplomatic relations with China since then, and perhaps Soen Sa Nim planted some seeds of reconciliation and trust that the political people have not been able to. Traveling with him on the 3-week trip were 20 people, including monks and laymen, Koreans, Canadians and Americans, old students and new. We visited temples that had been destroyed during the Cultural Revolution and which were now being rebuilt by the government: an amazing statement about death and rebirth, about change. We met with old monks who not only had been forced out of their temples to work in factories or fields for up to 20 years, but also to give up their identification as monks and any semblance of formal practice. Yet you could see in their calm and smiling faces that they had attained what real practice is about
Source:  Primary Point 1985, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 1, 4
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