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Title:     Zen means, never follow the teacher
Creator: Seung Sahn Haeng Won Sunim, Zen Master, 1927-2004 (Duk-In Lee) ; Jok Um Ryun Gak, Zen Master (Kessel, Ken) ; Bo Mun Song Hae, Zen Master (Bowman, George) ; Wu Kwang, Zen Master (Shrobe, Richard) ; Su Bong Mu Deung Sunim, Zen Master, 1943-1994 (See Hoy Liau) ; Rhodes, Lincoln; JDPSN ; Sidor, Ellen S. ; Clark, Diana ; Soeng Hyang Poep Um, Zen Master (Rhodes, Barbara) ; Wu Bong Poep Mu Sunim, Zen Master, 1950-2013 (Perl, Jacob) ; Duermeier, Dennis; JDPSN ; Berneal, Williams ; Sendzimir, Jan ; Streitfeld, Richard
Catalan subject: Budisme zen Congressos
English subject: Zen Buddhism Congresses
Abstract:  The following exchange is from a lively panel discussion August 2nd during the School Congress of the Kwan Um Zen, between Zen Master Seuhg Sahn, who is addressed as "Soen Sa Nim" by his students, his six American Master Dharma Teachers, and students in the audience, There was a preliminary discussion of why most of the Kwan Um School of Zen chants are in Korean and not chanted in English. Soen Sa Nim pointed out that having a universal language for the chanting makes it possible to have a unified style within the School, which now has groups in seven countries outside North America. Master Dharma Teacher Richard Shrobe moderated the discussion
Source:  Primary Point 1986, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 1-3, 12
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Legal notice:  © Kwan Um School of Zen