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Title:     Hyang Eom's Up a Tree
Creator: Bo Mun Song Hae, Zen Master (Bowman, George) ; Su Bong Mu Deung Sunim, Zen Master, 1943-1994 (See Hoy Liau) ; Wu Bong Poep Mu Sunim, Zen Master, 1950-2013 (Perl, Jacob) ; Dae Gak, Zen Master (Genthner, Robert W.) ; Wu Kwang, Zen Master (Shrobe, Richard) ; Soeng Hyang Poep Um, Zen Master (Rhodes, Barbara)
Catalan subject: Budisme zen Ensenyament
English subject: Koan ; Zen Buddhism Study and teaching
Abstract:  A Zen kong-an is a paradoxical story or statement used to test the clarity of a student's mind. Zen Master Seung Sahn has selected a representative group of kong-ans that he refers to as the "Ten Gates." He says that if you can answer these ten, then you can answer any other kong-an. The Fifth Gate, the famous "Hyang Eom's Up a Tree," is one of the most graphic illustrations of a kong-an. It is a "Kyung Chul Mun" type of kong-an, meaning "everything is stopped." We asked teachers in the Kwan Um School of Zen to comment on this kong-an. Their responses follow; a history of the kong-an itself is in the first commentary
Source:  Primary Point 1990, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 14-16, 18-20
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