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Title:     Second Woman Certified as Ji Do Poep Sa Nim
Creator: Bon Yeon, Zen Master (McLaughlin, Jane)
Catalan subject: Dones en el budisme ; Budisme zen Discursos ; Budisme zen Ensenyament ; Nivell d'instrucció ; Inka (Budisme zen)
English subject: Women in Buddhism ; Zen Buddhism Speeches, addresses, etc. ; Zen Buddhism Teachings ; Level of instruction ; Inka (Zen Buddhism)
Abstract:  On December 7, 1991, Jane McLaughlin became the eleventh Ji Do Poep Sa Nim (senior teacher) in the American sangha. She was the second woman to be so certified. McLaughlin PSN has lived in Zen centers in Los Angeles, Providence, and Cambridge, and participated in several long retreats here and in Korea. She currently directs the AIDS Care Project Acupuncture Clinic in Boston. This fall she will move to Europe, where she will be teaching at Kwan Um School of Zen centers. The talk and dharma combat that follow are excerpted from her certification ceremony at Providence Zen Center.
Source:  Primary Point 1992, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 13-14
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