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Title:     The Five Desires: Living Wisely with Ourselves. The Wheel of Food: Together Eat, Together Die
Creator: Gu Ja Mu Chak, Zen Master (Namhee Chon)
Catalan subject: Budisme Ensenyament ; Desig Aspectes religiosos Budisme
English subject: Desire Religious aspects Buddhism
Abstract:  Editor’s note: Periodically we’ve had a series of topical articles about fundamental Buddhist principles. For this issue, we’ve asked the European teachers to offer their views on the five desires: money, sex, fame, food, and sleep. Desire, at its root, is our own original nature. Desires point to essential elements of our lives. Clinging to desire, we seduce and delude ourselves. Seeing into desire clearly is seeing into our nature clearly, and living wisely with these essential components of our lives. We present these articles to offer guidance in how we participate with our own humanity
Source:  Primary Point 2015, vol. 32, no. 1, pp. 22-23
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Legal notice:  © Kwan Um School of Zen