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Enlightenment is not like a brilliant idea  - Da Free John, 1939-2008 (Jones, Franklin Albert)
Source: Primary Point 1985, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 8-9
Note: This article by Master Da Free John was sent to us by Ken Stateman or Laughing Man magazine and Dawn Horse Press. Ken studied with Zen Master Seung Sahn for two years in 1977-78 and recently published an interview with him in Laughing Man. We hope our readers will enjoy Master John's article, capitalizations and all, and see how uncannily similar to Zen teaching it is. Ken sent us the following biographical notes: "Da Free John was born Franklin Albert Jones into a middle class family in Jamaica, NY in 1939. He was illumined at birth and awakened into full enlightenment 31 years later. Soon after his God-realization, he was moved to teach others and transmit to them the condition of "the heart," or the transcendent reality in which everything inheres. Da Free John has described his life as an "experiment" in which he tested every possible experience and found that none contained the ultimate truth. He discovered that by his search he obstructed the truth that was his natural condition and that of all human beings. Thus, his life adventure provides a demonstration of his radical message that truth can only be realized presently and not attained by any means. He has instructed students for 12 years, and the wisdom he imparts has been recorded and distilled in 40 volumes. He has established an entire culture and teaching clarifying and serving the means whereby anyone with serious interest can enter into the process of spiritual transformation
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