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Inquiring without images  - Packer, Toni
Source: Primary Point 1985, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 3, 10
Note: Toni Packer is the resident teacher at Genesee Valley Zen Center, Rochester, NY. Born in Germany in 1927, she then lived in Switzerland, where she married an American student. They moved to the United States in 1951, where she studied psychology at the University of Buffalo. In 1967, she became a student of Kapleau Roshi. In 1971 she was asked to begin counseling at the Rochester Zen Center, and in 1976 to take on additional teaching duties. Her encounter with the work of Krishnamurti led her to a deep questioning of all the established forms and traditions, including those of Zen Buddhism. She left the Zen Center in 1981 when she felt she could no longer work within the boundaries of the Buddhist tradition. In 1982, Genesee Valley Zen Center was founded, where Toni now teaches and administers, together with the resident staff
Catalan subject: Espiritualitat ; Psicologia ; Budisme Discursos ; Budisme Congressos
English subject: Spirituality Psychology ; Buddhism Speeches, addresses, etc. ; Buddhism Congresses
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Kong-an Practice in America : Can Clear Seeing Be Attained Without Koan Practice? An Interview With Toni Packer  - Dobrowolski, Jacek ; Packer, Toni
Source: Primary Point 1988, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 2
Note: After many years as a student of Philip Kapleau Roshi, Toni Packer gave up being co-leader of his Zen Center in Rochester, New York, and in 1981 founded a city center there and later a country center in Springwater, NY. The Springwater Center has a staff of 10 and around 200 members in this country and abroad. Toni, author of "Seeing Without Knowing", was interviewed in July 1986 by Jacek Dobrowolski; a Zen student and scholar from Warsaw, Poland who was living at Cambridge Zen Center
Catalan subject: Toni Packer Intervius ; Budisme zen Ensenyament
English subject: Toni Packer Interviews ; Koan ; Zen Buddhism Teachings
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